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Congratulations to our lovely ladies!

USA High Point Performance Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse

Alayla (Thee Desperado x Eskada Yasmine)

1998 Black SE/AK Arabian Mare Owned by Cressant Hill Arabians & Ridden by Larissa Smith

Points achieved - Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Hunter/Jumper and Halter.

Established in 1991

   FARM OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST



About Us & Our Program...written by Owner/Manager, Letta Smith

Created Through the Sands of Time...Cressant Hill Arabians was established following a childhood dream I had as a young girl; and named as a tribute to the very first foal I raised, Morning Cressant. As a lover of all equine breeds; the Arabian breed was chosen after reminiscing memories of a favorite school library magazine photograph of a beautiful faced dark skinned dreamy eyed snow white alabaster grey Arabian stallion, *Farazdac! Whom I discovered later, was a Straight Egyptian Arabian. One may say coincidence, but I feel it was fate! At the tender young age of 19, and shortly after marriage; with my husband Jerry’s love of history and horses, combined with my dreams of raising beautiful foals, together we started a life's passion and purchased our first foundation mare in June 1991, Eskada Yasmine. Soon followed by a second mare, Melikaa and a stud colt, The Mohave in 1992. Thus, creating a solid foundation of Champion bloodlines for our program; that carries on even to today! Our goals is to consistently produce the best Straight Egyptian Arabian horses with the friendly Bedouin tent personality and disposition, safe for families and children, that the desert horse breed has been known and admired for.


Located among the rolling hills of Mid-Missouri, on 20 private acres, we specialize in the preservation breeding of one of the most beautiful breed of horses in the world! Conveniently located one hour west of the St. Louis International Airport, near Interstate 70 and Highway 40/61. We have a lovely set up; with a metal barn holding eight 10’x10’ stalls and two 10’x16” foaling stalls, a tack room, and a 60’ x 60’ indoor riding arena. Then there is the 100’ x 120’ outdoor riding arena for conditioning and training horses, and several large pastures for turnout, along with riding trails and a small creek, to allow the horses plenty of space to run and play.


We are a hands on facility; meaning we do the daily chores and care ourselves, by choice. Enjoying every moment spent with the horses, our family and the friends they have brought into our lives along the way! Together we attend & participate in several horse fairs and shows of all levels across the United States. Whether it be US Nationals, the Egyptian Event, Class A or fun shows; or even Hunter/Jumper events, as we support one another!

Our Services Include:


Horse sales and leases, assistance with exportation requirements, registration transfer, equine insurance & transport recommendations, pedigree research, horse evaluations, equine business consultations, mare breeding lease program, veterinarian- trainer - farrier referrals, and stall or pasture boarding.


I ask that you read carefully and look close at each photo placed on our website; for these are the dreams and memories we have chosen to create and share! These horses are very special, and we our commitment is for each and every one born, lovingly raised and sold — will go to special people with special ideas and dreams! So whatever your interest; fun, family involvement, new friends, riding, showing, business & tax advantages or preserving the rarest bloodlines in the world! Cressant Hill Arabians can help you to be successful at making your dreams become reality…where honesty and integrity is our commitment to you!


Please feel free to contact us with details about your dreams and wishes; and if you do not receive a response within a few days, please give us a call by phone, as on occasion important emails may disappear in the spam filter, and our private location prevents us from utilizing text.  Thank you!

The Straight Egyptian Arabian horse is the oldest breed of horse in the world; and in our opinion the finest and most beautiful horse one will ever lay eyes on! These horses are admired for their refined classic beauty and consistent qualities, making them capable of both halter & performance. With people loving personalities they combine a rich historic legacy, with the ability & temperament to excel in all types of disciplines: Sport Horse, English, Western, Dressage, Endurance, Reining, Working Cow Horse, Racing, Hunter/Jumper; as well as Halter and beloved family companion! Proving our beliefs; that "High quality is always better than quantity”, and that one should always buy the best mare one can afford, breed her to a Champion stallion, to produce the best foals to carry on their future and to our younger generations. This belief reflects our desire to breed the best Straight Egyptian Arabian horses possible.


Over the last 29 years, Cressant Hill Arabians has become a leading source for Straight Egyptian Arabian horses with bloodlines sought after in the United States and beyond! Selling some of the finest horses trained in a variety of disciplines; to prove our horses are athletic, as well as beautiful.

Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and the USA.

Our farm is active in the promotion of the Arabian breed, through hosting tours, occasional open houses and an event in May known as, Egyptian Day, a day dedicated to the Egyptian Arabian horse! We have volunteered and served countless hours over the years in Missouri Arabian Clubs serving in positions such as club President, Secretary, High Point Chair, Show Chair, Futurity Chair and Newsletter Editor. Our knowledge from these experiences brought forth the ideas, creation, need and establishment of the Newcomers Welcome and Walk About Tour programs for the highly recognized organization, The Pyramid Society, creator of the well and internationally attended annual show The Egyptian Event and enjoyed by all in Lexington, Kentucky. We also remain active members of the Arabian Horse Association, as well as dedicated affiliates of the Discovery Farm & Mentor Farms Network. Helping to educate the public about this remarkable breed!