Be a part of something spectacular… Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, a breed with beauty in motion, and where “high” quality is our standard!



Located in Mid-Missouri, our farm offers high quality Straight Egyptian Arabian horses for all types of enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website; and welcome your inquiries and a visit.

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Cressant Hill Arabians

Cressant Hill Arabians


We can think of no bigger adventure in life;

than creating something that matters.


Cressant Hill Arabians offers over twenty-five years of experience in the equine industry, specializing in the most beautiful horses in the world, the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.


Whether it’s leasing or purchasing a quality mare, filly, colt or stallion for an existing breeding program, or consigning past years foals to get the sale you need; to guiding you in the proper direction to be successful in your visions, goals and dreams or even helping you create your own business with these amazing animals...our farm can mentor you each step of the way!


Cressant Hill Arabians offers pedigree research and terrific marketing materials for all your sale and promotional needs, consultations and evaluations of bloodstock and farm programs, as well as referrals to the industries top Arabian equine training professionals to start you on the right track...and keep you there.


We can assist you with creating a business plan, show you the tax advantages and teach you proper record keeping. You will learn marketing strategies and advertising tips; that only years of hands on experience can offer.


We have happy clients from all around the world; and strive to do our best to offer you the best so that together we are the best in the Straight Egyptian Arabian community - making a great mark on the equine industry.

No matter your interests: the show ring, the breeding barn or riding.

Let us help guide you to being successful!

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Another great day of showing and winning ribbons!

Congratulations to our daughter Larissa for all her hard work and success with our beautiful Straight Egyptian foundation Arabian mare, Alayla (Thee Desperado x Eskada Yasmine). We are so proud of you!

Updated 9/6/2016