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Arabian Horse History – Nasralla

Arabian Horse History – Nasralla

Copyright & Design 2003 –2024 by Letta Smith, Cressant Hill Arabians

For all those interested in learning more about the Straight Egyptian stallion, Nasralla; and how it may or may not affect your breeding programs...be informed to make an educated decision, and research this topic!

     There is ABSOLSUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH "Nasralla" (Shahriar) 1956.


     The problem started when rumors went about, stating that his grand sire El Nasser" was not pure. They confused this grand sire "El Nasser (Diane) foaled in 1938 with "El Nasser" (1929) - a part-bred, which had no progeny. How can one confuse when there is a 9 year difference in birth? But this confusion came through Raswan's entry. Had he been alive, he would have noticed that there was no relation between these two horses.

     All sorts of rumors flew around, like Henry Pharoun was dishonest, etc. When in reality, he was a highly respected breeder in Lebanon and the father of General El Dahdah; a gentleman of high repute, and a wizard when it comes to pedigrees and purity, as is his son Eduardo.

     Al Khamsa here munched over this subject for years; and over 25 years ago I gave the correct data to them and kept pushing them until they finally voted to accept him some 8 years ago. This vote was finalized in 2003, because it takes them 5 years to okay things ultimately... (Al Khamsa takes always five years to perfect and accept something they had voted on.) A time limit totally unacceptable at this time and age.

     El Nasser (Diane) (1938) was a successful racer - raced: 18/8-5-3 and was bred by the Geheich Tribe/Ahmed Alitha, Jezir, Syria. He was bought by H Pharoun in 1942, sold to Ahmed Abu El Futuh in 1943 and bought by the RAS in 1947. He produced 4 daughters and 7 sons, One
daughter was: Sehr" (1948) a black mare out of Salwa, and she became the dam of Nasralla (Shariar).

     Nasralla (Shariar) (1956) raced 3/9(4-2-2) did a mile in 1.49, 1m1F in 2.07 1m31 yards in 1.49.

     Balance (1928) had nothing to do with the above, he was by Ibn Samhan out of Farida. His race record for one mile in 1.45 appears to be unbroken.

     Anybody who is lucky enough to have the "Nasralla" blood in their  breeding program should thank God. We imported Serenity Luftia (Nasralla (Shariar) x Nazeera in 1970. She became a multiple halter  champion mare and excellent producer. Nasralla produced 38 daughters
and 19 sons. the offspring and get I have seen were by enlarge very good horses and athletes.


This article in no way represents an opinion at Cressant Hill Arabians; we simply feel breeders and preservationists need to hear what is to be said by all involved, to make their own decisions.

A special thank you to C. Rogers for providing this article to us, in order to help inform the public and help breeders make better decisions for their programs.

Renowned preservation breeder, Judith Forbis of Ansata Arabians, speaks out against the marketing ploys against El Nasser, Nasralla, The Minstril and Thee Desperado in Kentucky—2013!  Watch: https://youtu.be/YzWXqf11Ps0

Cressant Hill Arabians—Letta Smith

Truxton, Missouri USA