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Cressant Hill Arabians—Letta Smith

Truxton, Missouri USA


2010 Show News:

Congratulations to our very own, Larissa Smith & Eskada Yasmine (Moniet El Sharaf x Toofah by Samim), on their multiple wins during the 2010 show season.  GREAT job girls!

* Open & Arabian Mare Halter

* Amateur Owner to Handle Halter

* Showmanship 13 & Under

* Beginner Walk

Love...Mom & Dad & Justin  :-)

2009 Foal Announcements:

Congratulations to El Azrak Arabians & Terry Crow for the arrival of your first Straight Egyptian Arabian foal, El Azrak Badiehloulou, a filly! Extremely refined, feminine & exotic SE grey filly born May 21, 2009. Sired by multiple Halter Grand Champion, and out of the lovely grey mare, The Desert Pearl. She’s all girl.

2009 CHA Adding

International Flare:

Nadir Al Bashyr, a impressive SE chestnut colt born April 13, 2009. Sired by Israel Champion, AA Al Bashyr and out of our lovely black Champion mare, Alayla! Sold & in Nebraska!

AA Al Bashyr

2008 News...Kuwait here she comes:

Congratulations to Abdulal S. O. Al-Qenaei of KUWAIT, on the purchase of the lovely bay filly, pictured to the right, Bint Sar De Allam (Sar De Allam x Mishaii)! One of two living daughters of our beloved lost champion stallion. May she bring you many ribbons and gorgeous foals to cherish in your program! Updated 2011...regrettably now deceased.

2008 Egyptian Day in May A Success:

Cressant Hill Arabians celebrated its 3rd annual Egyptian Day in May, with over 30 guests attending and enjoying an afternoon of fun and education.  Cressant Hill Arabians would like to express a special “thank you”, to the following guest speakers that helped make the day such a huge success:

*Purina Equine Lifestyles Sales Specialists Kathleen Baska

*Angela of Troy Lincoln Co-op

*Dr. Doles of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre

*Susan Hopwood of S&H Appraisal Services

More 2008 News...Egyptian Event Show Results:

Congratulations to Terry Crow, the proud owner of Aramuss...whom has achieved and was awarded the new title of 2008 Egyptian Event Top 10 Adult Amateur Halter Stallions 3 & Over, to add to his list of many show wins!

2007 Egyptian Day in May A Success:

On a beautiful sunny day, Cressant Hill Arabians celebrated...with over fifty guests; and would like to express a special thank you to the following individuals that made the day such a huge success! *Purina Equine Lifestyles Sales Specialists Kathleen Baska *Angela of Troy Lincoln Co-op

*Dr. Hoover of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre

*Kate Engemann of William Woods University

*Tina Berry

*Yvonne Nolte

*James & Jill Davidson

*Harry & Linda Harter

*Yvonne Walton of Troy Garden Center

*Travis & Jennifer Miller

2006 Cressant Hill Arabians Junior Stallion Passes:

Sar De Allam (Thee Infidel x Kajmir Princess)

2002-2006 Bay Stallion Straight Egyptian/Asil/Al Khamsa

Show Record: 2003' Halter Champion Yearling Colt & 2003' Reserve Champion Halter Stallion ~ Strain: Saqlawi Jidran Sudan

This lovely stallion lost his battle with shipping fever/pneumonia after an 18 long months with the illness. Sar De' Allam is a proven sire of four foals of exceptional quality; regrettably only one still survives him, Azizaa De' Allam, a striking chestnut mare. He was exotic in every way, and will be dearly missed.

We love you Kip!

2005 Show News:

Alayla (Thee Desperado x Eskada Yasmine), a Cressant Hill Arabians top foundation mare attended the 2005 Semi-Society Horse Show and was titled the Arabian Western Pleasure Champion! As well as, Reserve in Men's Western Pleasure in the Open Western Division Show! A competition with all stock type breeds. Way to go...proving our Straight Egyptian Arabians are exotically beautiful & athletic!



He's back...and done it again!  Aramuss (The Mohave x Alayla)

Titled 2005' Semi-Society Junior Horse Halter Champion & Halter Grand Champion with Jerry Smith at the lead! Sired by multiple Halter Champion, The Mohave...Cressant Hill Arabians lead foundation senior stallion and out of the lovely black mare pictured above, Alayla!

2004 Straight Egyptian Arabian Population Statistics in the US & Worldwide:

Research with the Pyramid Society provides new in-site on actual numbers of Straight Egyptian Arabians within the US and World Wide as of March 2004. In the US there are 23,291 Straight Egyptian Arabians and in the World 39,261 Straight Egyptian Arabians registered. As of August 2004 US numbers for Straight Egyptian and Egyptian Bred Arabians are 39,213 registered.


El Nasser



The Minstril

2003 Headline News:

To: Al Khamsa, Inc.'s Supporters
From: Rosemary Doyle, President
Subject: Ancestral Element for El Nasser
Al Khamsa completed the process to accept the stallion El Nasser as a Foundation Horse for Al Khamsa Arabians at the 2003 Annual Meeting. Assigning the Al Khamsa Ancestral Element for El Nasser remained. The current Al Khamsa, Inc. Board of Directors has voted to assign "Egypt II" as the Ancestral Element to the stallion El Nasser, with "RAS" (Royal Agricultural Society) as the identification tag following his name. The votes were 10 yes, 2 no, 2 abstain. Rosemary, on behalf of the Al Khamsa, Inc. Board of Directors. You can contact the Board directly at Board@alkhamsa.org. The following horses are now accepted ancestors of breeding stock on the Roster of Al Khamsa horses.


El Nasser (RAS) was a desert-bred stallion; he is identified as an Al Khamsa Foundation Horse. Soldateska (WL) is an intermediate ancestor that traces to a combination of 27 new Foundation Horses. Considerable additional research has been done into the background of these newly accepted Foundation Horses. The process of research into the background of all Al Khamsa horses is ongoing. Information on all lines added to the Al Khamsa Roster since publication of Al Khamsa Arabians II will be presented in the upcoming edition, Al Khamsa Arabians III, in process. El Nasser (Root Stallion #41 in RAS Studbook, 1948, p.44) (former race name "Didane") Grey stallion foaled: May 1938 Sire: Douhayman al-Ajarrash, of the Jibur tribe Dam: Dajaniah, a Kuhaylah Dajania of the horses of Ahmed al-Taha ~ Bred by Sheikh Ahmed al-Taha of the al-Juhaych tribe (Geheish, Jeheish, Jehaysh, El Ajarrache, etc.) near Aleppo. Acquired from the Fidaan tribe by Hafid Ezzin who sold the horse to Henri Pharaon. Pharaon sold the horse to Khader Michuu who sold him to Ahmed Abu El Futuh. Given to the RAS by Ahmed Abu El Futuh in 1947. Used for breeding by the RAS. Sire of 11 recorded get in the RAS Studbook. His only otherwise Al Khamsa get to breed on: Sehr (x Salwa) 1948 grey mare, dam of the RAS/EAO stallion Shahriar (Nasralla). The addition of El Nasser will add more than 3500 horses to the Al Khamsa Roster. You will find a preliminary listing of Al Khamsa eligible progeny at: http://www.alkhamsa.org/roster/4elnasser.htm

This means:  The Minstril and his progeny are now considered Al Khamsa in the Organizations eyes...Great news for the horses here at “Cressant Hill Arabians”!!!  THANK YOU JUDITH FORBIS!

2011 Travel:

This is the year for travel...Letta enjoyed a long 18 day trip to Europe visiting parts of Ireland, England, France and Wales! One of the highlights was the monument… Cleopatra’s Needle Sphinx (pictured) located next to the Thames River in London, England May 2011.  Many site of wonder were enjoyed...Cliffs of Moher, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, London Bridge, Markree Castle & Stable, beach of Strandhill, Dublin History Museum, Hampton Court Palace & Gardens, Iveagh Gardens of Dublin and the many numerous parks in London. Letta’s Favorite: Ireland

2011 News:

Another The Mohave daughter is exported...congratulations to Abdullah Al Shehry from Saudi Arabia on his purchase of the beautiful 2007 grey mare, Beauty of the Mohave (The Mohave x Shir Penina)! May you have many great foals in the future...


2013 News:

Cressant Hill Arabians would like to announce that the breeding book to multiple Halter & Most Classic Head Grand Champion, The Mohave; one of the last producing sons of the legend, The Minstril, is now closed to the public. However, we still have a few of his daughters available for your consideration. Contact us for a current list.


2014 News:

Cressant Hill Arabians would like to announce the birth of a “special & unique” black filly establishing the 4th generation of Bint Riyala tail female line in our breeding program! Her name is Nadeera Ben Eden born on April 9th, 2014.

Sired by: Burak Ben Eden EA from Lyday Farms, in Texas.

“Thank you Brian & Melinda Jeffries and the Lyday Partnership for helping to make this special filly possible!

Out of the lovely mare: Bint Alayla (fondly called Sassy) of Cressant Hill Arabians.

Historical Information Update For Breeders:

Text Box: Attention Breeders...the Tahawi mare, Folla (Fulla), along with two other Tahawi mares have now been added to the Al Khamsa Roster. This will impact a large group of descendants and allow more horses to be considered Al Khamsa by right. The organization, Al Khamsa, Inc., has diligently worked at updating the Roster; in order to include all of their eligible Al Khamsa offspring. A new book has been made available through Al Khamsa, Inc.; which will have historical information and a multitude of documentation on this tribal source or you can get more information by visiting the Al Khamsa, Inc. website. A link to Al Khamsa can be found on Our Services & Links page.
~  A special “Thank You” to everyone that worked on behalf of the Tahawi horses to make this happen. 

2015 In Loving Memory:

I’m sad to announce the loss of my dear precious friend…The Mohave (The Minstril x Topheta by *Nagid), our beloved alabaster grey stallion for 23 memorable years, whom passed away on June 20, 2015. He is greatly missed, and was truly a remarkable horse. Mohave sired 22 beautiful foals of all colors, including black; and 17 being fillies. His show ring career was very successful as well; bringing home many trophies and ribbons over the years. Mohave was proudly awarded multiple Show Halter Grand Championships and Most Classic Head wins; and was also titled an Egyptian Event USA Top Three Stallion! Mohave will always be fondly remembered for his sweet gentle kind nature, refined exotic beauty and his dancing prance at a walk. He was the first to greet anyone that pulled up at the farm, and loved to lick my hand in greeting each morning. Those that knew him will remember how he loved to roll in fresh shavings each day after a stall cleaning; and how he was persistent about his stall being kept tidy. I know we will be together again someday...but oh how I do miss him. Thank you for being my teacher, my friend and my blessing. We love you Mohave! ~ Your Girl, Letta

Text Box: Cressant Hill Arabians wishes to congratulate their daughter, Larissa Smith and the lovely black mare, Alayla (Thee Desperado x Eskada Yasmine) on their most recent show wins at the Belle Vista Farm Open Hunter Jumper Event, placing 2nd twice on June 13th, 2015!
Way to go ladies!

2016 In Loving Memory:

We are sad to announce the loss of our beloved foundation broodmare, Melikaa (Melouki x *Bint Hindia). Melikaa - carried the hard to find classic desert bloodline...bred by the Eagle Collection; almost completely lost in the United States, of pure 2nd generation Saqlawi Jedran strain containing the rare El Samraa tail female line. She will be dearly missed, and was truly a remarkable foundation broodmare for our farm. Melikaa delivered 8 gorgeous foals, 6 of which were fillies; and several awarded Halter & Most Classic Head Champion titles! We are fortunate to have retained one of her daughters, Al Hamra Hadiyaa, to carry on her bloodline. Melikaa now joins The Mohave and will be missed. Thank you for being our teacher, our friend and our blessing. We love you Melikaa! ~ Your Boy, Jerry  

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