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Dear Letta,
‘Thank you for your amazing support that led to my purchase of Harik, an amazing Arabian gelding indeed. I’m aware it is never easy to gauge a sale so far apart due to it being in different states, but you did a wonderful job at the correct assessment of him and helped me along each step, from the beginning to the very end. Your kindness will never be forgotten; and words won’t do justice to the compassion you show towards your customers. I hope to do business with you real soon again!
Ahmad Hanan
St. Louis, MO


Dear Letta & Jerry,

Thank you so much for finding a great home for Pearl.  We would like to thank you on the great care you took with Pearl and overseeing her training.  We appreciate all of you and hope to see you soon.

Debbie & Bob McNeice



Dear Letta and Larissa,

We cannot thank you enough for your gracious hospitality and the experience of meeting you both and all of your beautiful horses.  We had a wonderful time and so enjoyed learning about the Arabians and seeing how much they loved you! We have talked about our visit to everyone we meet and Chris is really looking forward to coming again at some point in the future.  Thank you for everything you are doing for these beautiful animals.

Helen Weiser, Martha Merritt & Chris Harkins

Albany, NY


Dear Letta & Jerry,

 Sending our sincere thanks for your exceptional dedication to our organization, and for your continued assistance and support of the Egyptian Arabian horse and The Pyramid Society.  We are so grateful for you.

Anna Bishop, Carol Aldridge & everyone at the Society

Kentucky Horse Park — Lexington, KY


Cressant Hill Arabians arranged multiple sales for us and the service has always been outstanding!  Letta arranged everything from finding a suitable buyer all the way through quarantine and shipment of the horse to the new owner, keeping me informed all the way. What a relief to have a knowledgeable person walk me through the sometimes complicated process of shipping horses overseas!  We have also had the pleasure of boarding a horse at their farm on occasion and it's truly a family operation where our horses are treated like their horses. Thank you Cressant Hill Arabians for letting us be a part of your family!!

Mike & Teresa Peace -Masterpeace Arabians

Forsyth, GA


Our horses are doing great! Glory and Exotica are doing excellent! I only bred Exotica last year, the rest I didn't! Exotica has a very beautiful colt he was born last year in the summer! Love the beautiful foals I got from them! I love the service I got when I bought Glory and Exotica! Others love my horses they keep asking me if I want to sell them! My answer is no! I love them!
Sarah Friesen, Canada July 5, 2014   


Good evening Letta, I would like to thank you for  your assistance with the purchase of my new beautiful boy, CSP Johnny Depp. I am simply in love with him. He is the calmest best natured youngster I have seen in a long time. He seems to enjoy his new home so far. Thank you again, it is a pleasure to deal with honest horse people!
Janeta Carr

Jefferson City, MO


Letta Smith is fantastic at promoting consignment horses! 

She has bred, trained and shown Arabs for many years and has the uncanny ability to match up buyers and horses where BOTH are extremely satisfied with each other! Letta arranged all of my big overseas sales and is well versed in international laws in the quarantine and banking transaction requirements in other countries. She is a godsend when it comes to handling all of the contractual details of the sales! 

Holly Anderson

Sun Valley Arabians 

Macon, GA USA


Since November 2008, it has been our pleasure to have the opportunity to export a number of horses from Letta Smith of Cressant Hill Arabians through the years. Letta is always very professional, friendly, prompt and she does an overall great job.  Her horses arrive in excellent condition and health.  We always look forward to receiving Letta's horses for export because we know it will be a great experience for everyone  involved - horses and humans alike.  We highly recommend Letta and Cressant Hill Arabians for anyone who is looking for quality Arabian horses!

Dianne Nielsen - EZ 2 Spot Ranch Equine Isolation Facility

Big Foot, TX


Since November 2007, I have known and been working with Letta.  I would have to look very long and hard to find another person more honest and dedicated to her customers and their horses best interests.  She is truly an ethical person, which can be difficult to find at times when you deal with horses, sadly.  She is most certainly a God Send, in the industry.  I will not buy or sell a horse without Letta's council.  I am proud to call her a trusted friend. 

Krista Haglund - Obsession Arabians

DeSoto, MO


When I found Cressant Hill Farms, along with Letta and Jerry, I was a novice in the world of Arabian horses.  They took me under their wing, educated me, were patient, and advised me on all of my horse purchases.  In all of the purchase and sale transactions, Letta always had my back.  She also negotiated for hauling, insemination and breeding rights.  At the same time, on many occasions I brought my children out to the farm for my regular visits.  The Smith family and ours became fast friends over the years that we had horses at their farm.  Letta has an encyclopedic knowledge of Egyptian Arabian bloodlines.  She is also a savvy businessperson who knows the ins and out of the horse business.  She also became a great friend.

Terry Crow—Attorney

St. Louis, MO


Letta, I really appreciate your friendly, helpful, engaging approach in all that you do.  The care and concern you showed to my mare while with you was all anyone could ask for and your follow up has been great as well.  Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future...
Vern Adams,

New River, AZ


Dear Letta,

Thanks for all you do!  Being my mentor, friend, sister in Christ, counselor, ear for listening, advisor and being such a sweetheart! I always knew you were good at marketing our Arabian horses.

Cindy Elliott

Bosworth, MO


Letta Smith is a Godsend to the Arabian horse World! She is extremely professional and goes the extra mile to make certain her clients are very satisfied with the sales she handles. Letta is very "connected" and is able to command good prices for quality horses even in this depressed economy. Letta is so good at finding and managing overseas Arabian sales that I have asked her to handle the overseas sales for me even on the horses I did not have listed with her! She makes certain everything is legitimate and that there is no chance for fraud of any kind. Letta has sold four mares for me to Saudi Arabia and several other horses in the states.  I don't know what I would do without her! 

Holly Anderson -Sun Valley Arabians 

Lizella, GA


Letta & Jerry,

Dave and I would like to thank you for a wonderful day.  To get a chance to see such beautiful animals was truly a blessing.  It has given us hope that someday we will be able to share a friendship with horses like yours.  We want you to know that when that day comes, we will come to you.

Susan & David Loehr

“Just a few references from some of our happy clients...”

Cressant Hill Arabians—Letta Smith

138 Ponderosa Drive Truxton, Missouri 63381 USA

636-597-4023 ~ letta@cressanthill.com 

A Joyous Arrangement: Travis and Jennifer Miller & family of MO receive two beautiful chestnut Arabian geldings from Mike & Teresa Peace of GA and Cressant Hill Arabians of MO.