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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

“Created Through the Sands of Time...and How it all Began, Our Foundation!”

I Keep Our Memories Tucked Within My Heart


Inside my heart there is this little place.

It keeps me warm. It keeps me sane.

It is my sunshine on rainy days.


This is the place where I’ve stored away, each memory we have shared

and all the wonderful thoughts I think of you.


So no matter where you are, or how far away I go.

I will keep you close to me, and my heart will be filled with happiness always.


Deana Marino


In Loving Memory of our beloved stallion...

The Mohave (The Minstril x Topheta)

February 28, 1992—June 20, 2015

AHA #481267 ~ 1992 Grey Stallion

Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa

Strain: Kuhaylat Ajuz Rodan


A day I never could have imagined; full of sorrow and pain for such a loss, my dear precious friend…our beloved alabaster grey Arabian stallion for twenty-three remarkable memorable years!


Proud sire of twenty-two beautiful exotic foals full of Arabian type of all colors, including black. Seventeen being fillies, and five colts. Most sold across the United States and several to Saudi Arabia! With two special daughters retained to carry on the line.  Many awarded show winning titles of their very own, in halter and performance divisions.


The Mohave’s show ring career was very successful; as he was proudly awarded multiple Class A Show Halter Grand Championships, Most Classic Head Champion and Egyptian Event Top Three Halter Stallion!  Shown since the tender age of six months, and taking it all in stride.


You proved that you were not only beautiful, but smart and athletic too. As under saddle, ridden western by me, quiet and showing ultra care to not unseat my amateur frame. Then carry me around the arena time and time again, as if to say, “Look who I have on my back!” Making me feel like the most special person in the whole world!


Mohave will always be fondly remembered for his sweet gentle kind nature with those young and old, his refined exotic beauty, athletic movement with flowing tail carriage and his proud dancing prance at a walk. He was the first to meet anyone that pulled in the drive, by sticking his head & neck out the top of his stall door to nicker a greeting; and loved to lick my hand at the beginning of each morning with a “Hello Mom”. We will remember how he loved to roll in fresh shavings each day at stall cleaning time, how persistent he was about his stall being kept tidy and how he would push his body into his blanket each cool evening. He always had a way of letting me know the rain was coming, and play — rolling his barrels in the arena.


Those that knew him, loved him!


You grew into the picture from a magazine I held so long ago, and made my heart sing and bring dreams true. Teaching me hard work and persistence, patience and responsibility, love and compassion, and helped me show and teach it to others. You will be forever greatly missed and always cherished, for all that you are, and what you gave to me and to others! I know we will be together again someday.


Thank you for being my greatest teacher, my loving friend and my blessing. We love you Mohave!

~ Your Girl, Letta


Represented  in our program today by…

Bint Alayla & Nadeera Ben-Eden


In Loving Memory of our beloved mare...

Melikaa (Melouki x *Bint Hindia)

May 17, 1991—October 21, 2016

AHA #475620 ~ 1991 Chestnut Mare

Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa

Strain: Saqlawi Jedran Sudan


With heavy hearts, we announce the loss of our beautiful beloved Arabian mare after sharing twenty-five memorable years. Oh she’ll be dearly missed, and remembered for what a terrific mother she was to her foals, as well as those of others.


Melikaa delivered eight gorgeous foals; six of which were fillies, and only two colts, all of which were grey or chestnut in color. Several were awarded Halter & Most Classic Head Champion titles; and have went on to be terrific show and breeding horses for their owners in the USA. All showcased ultra exotic heads, correct conformations, wonderful motion and carried on her trait of the snort and terrific tail carriage with showy personalities; yet gentle & friendly in disposition that even a small child could handle.


Melikaa’s show ring career was cut short so she could be in the breeding program; however she was still successful and proudly awarded several Class A ribbons!


She carried the hard to find classic desert bloodline...bred by the Eagle Collection; almost completely lost in the United States, of pure 2nd generation Saqlawi Jedran strain, containing the rare El Samraa tail female line. Her sire, Melouki, is a US Champion winner and son of *Ibn Hafiza, and her dam, *Bint Hindia, was imported into the USA and bred by Ahmed Hamsa of Egypt; and a direct daughter of Ashour!


A true classic mare that will be fondly remembered...as she was always the first in the pasture to nicker to us and coming running for the gate. We know we will be together again someday.


Thank you for teaching us humility and respect, for being our friend and our blessing. We love you Melikaa!

~ Your Boy, Jerry

… “thou shalt be favored above all other creatures, for to thee shall accrue the love of the master of the earth” ...the Koran

Unfortunately due to the neglect of show result submissions by show secretaries to the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), some of our horses Class A Arabian Show accomplishments are not shown on the AHA Datasource.


However, photos of ribbons, awards and video to confirm placement are available by request.

In Loving Memory of our beloved mare...

Eskada Yasmine (Moniet El Sharaf x Toofah)

June 18, 1987—July 27, 2019

AHA #397399 ~ 1987 Bay Mare

Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa

Strain: Kuhaylat Ajuz Rodan

Eskada Yasmine, the beauty of an Arabian mare that began a passion to fulfill my dreams! Our first purchase, with a rich dappled bay coat and huge dark round expressive eyes that seep within your soul at first glance, she was everything I had hoped for and more. Classic in Arabian type, Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa in bloodline - holding the precious tail female line of Bint Riyala, friendly & gentle in personality, with a calmness that only regal heritage carries! I knew from the moment I first saw her, that I had to make her mine!


Yasmine was sired by the syndicated million dollar stallion, Moniet El Sharaf, and out of the lovely grey mare Toofah, a daughter of Samim!


She proved she wasn’t just a pretty face; as her athletic conformation proved in the show ring, being awarded many ribbons...in Halter and Western Pleasure Classes. Including Open Breed Show Divisions, proving an Arabian can do it all easily, with style and grace!


Yasmine was a wonderful mother to eight beautiful foals; three colts and five fillies. All with loads of classic Arabian type, friendly dispositions, straight legs, rich color and terrific athletic movement. Most winning titles in Halter, Most Classic Head, Endurance Racing, Hunt Seat, Western Pleasure and Hunter/Jumper classes; at Class A Horse Shows, Open Breed Shows and the prestigious Egyptian Event USA! Though most were sold to clients in the USA and Saudi Arabia; we retained three generations of her tail female line to carry on our program.


My first teacher of many life lessons, truly a visitors favorite and cherished by all...it is with great heartfelt sadness to let her go after thirty-two years of love and memories. Yasmine now lies resting under her favorite tree in the summer pasture; and will always be remembered!


“Until we meet again my blessing…may you gallop in the lush green fields of heaven!” ~ All My Love, Letta

Represented  in our program today by…

Alayla, Bint Alayla and Nadeera Ben-Eden

Cressant Hill Arabians—Letta Smith

Truxton, Missouri USA